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Teacher Handouts


Registrar Handouts

1. progress report how to
Progress report How To
How to Print Standards Report Card.pdf
2. K-2 Standard Grading and Social for K-5
K-2 Standard grading and social
3. Teacher Quick Tips Handout for HCS
3rd-12th grades (handout that was given out at initial trainings) Ignore the section on Manual Grade Entry on this handout and instead use the "overriding a grade using Direct Column" handout at #18 below.)

4. Attendance HOW-TO

5. print_schedule.pdf
Printing schedules

6. INOW_signing_in_helpful_tips.pdf
Signing in tips

7. E-mailing_From_INOW.pdf
E-mailing from INOW

8. Printing_Course_Progress_Reports _in _INOW.pdf
One course only using Progress Report)

9. Printing_Progress_Reports _in _INOW.pdf
(All courses- using Comprehensive Progress Report)

10. INOW_Printing_Progress_Report_for_Course.pdf
(One course only using Gradebook Report)

11. Roster_Printing_INOW_from_GRADEBOOK_menu.pdf
Printing a Roster

12. Blank_Worksheet_Printing_with_student_names_INOW.pdf
Printing a Blank Worksheet with Student Names and Columns

13. Standard Report Card Comments.pdf
Standard Report Card Comments

14. Calculation for checking Category Points.pdf
Checking Your Category Point Calculation

15. INOW - Post and Add Comments in Grade book.pdf Grades 3rd-12th
Instructions for posting grades- and adding comments to the report card. NOTE: The comment tab at the top of the grade book screen is used only for comments on progress reports. There is a different process for adding comments to the report card (see document).

16. Incomplete_in_INOW.pdf
Giving a student an incomplete Grade
See file for how you are to do incompletes. We no longer put ā€˜Iā€™ ā€“ the teacher will post the grade the student has as of right now, and in the comments area, will select Incomplete. Again, Incompletes will be handled in the comments area under Classroom.

17. Printing_Standards_Based_Progress_Reports-1st-2nd grades.pdf
Print Elementary Progress reports for 1st and 2nd Grades - Standards Based Progress Reports

18. Overriding_a_grade_using_Direct_Column.pdf
This handout REPLACES the old Manual Grade Entry instructions. You will use the Direct column to replace a grade.

19. INOW - Transfer Students - Category Points Avg Method Grades.pdf
If you use CATEGORY POINTS averaging method, use these instructions for entering a transfer student's grades.

20. INOW - Transfer Students - Points Avg Method Grades.pdf
If you use POINTS averaging method, use these instructions for entering a transfer student's grades.

21. INOW - Transfer Students - Enter Previous Grading Period Grades.pdf
How to access and enter grades from previous grading periods for transfer students.

22. INOW - Exam - Set Up.pdf
How to setup settings in INOW for both semester exams.

23. INOW - End of Semester TIPS - ACCESS, Remediation, Exempt Exams, Viewing Important Information.pdf
Tips for entering grades for ACCESS classes, how to exempt exams for ACCESS and Remediation classes. Also, how to view 1st and 2nd nine weeks averages; assignment lists in grade book; and grades from previous grading periods.

24. Grade Verification Reports
Three steps for printing your grade verification at the end of a 9 week period.

25. FYI Things to Know - Teachers

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